AtroPIM in Detail

More than just a feature-rich PIM software, AtroPIM is extensible and has an excellent connectivity.

As a modern, free, and feature-rich PIM system, AtroPIM gives you incredible flexibility in configuring,
customizing and further development of your specific software solution, taking into account all your business needs, without any programming and compromises. The Base Edition (without paid modules) offers absolutely all the features needed for successful product data management.

Feature Overview

  • REST API for 100% functionality and data model customizations
  • Manual and automatic Data Exchange - via Databases, Files and APIs
  • Middleware functionality – sync product data, customer data, order data, etc.
  • Acceleration and automation of Product Data Onboarding
  • Seamless integration with other systems – E-commerce, Multichannel, ERP, CMS, etc.
  • Great features for Product Content Enrichment for the best product experience
  • Usable for Omnichannel – channels, channel-specific attributes and more...
  • Product Content Publishing – fully automated or via InDesign integration
  • Advanced Product Content Syndication and Distribution to reach all potential customers
  • Management of multiple product catalogs
  • Configurable portals for collaboration with external stakeholders – suppliers, partners, customers, freelancers, etc.
  • Hierarchies and data inheritance, even for your custom entities
  • Advanced permission and access management, even on a field level
  • 100% flexible and configurable Data Model for any business needs
  • Advanced tools for teamwork and collaboration
  • Multiple configurable dashboards
  • Management of any custom data
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management
  • Configurable User Interfaces
  • Bulk editing of data records
  • and much more...

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How it works

AtroPIM is an effective solution for storing, processing and managing your sales- and marketing-relevant product information. All product data, images and videos are extracted from different sources, classified and optimized. With our PIM system, you can increase the product data quality and enrich it with translations. AtroPIM helps you to easily publish relevant data on different sales channels and output media and provide customers with enriched, structured and complete information about your product. AtroPIM enables you to launch your products faster, ensuring a smooth marketing and sales process.


There are lots of free and paid modules to extend the functionality of the Base Edition to suit your organizational needs whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer. Just choose the modules to cover your business needs. You pay only for the features you use. If a needed functionality is not available you can also develop custom modules, or order the module development from us or our partners to extent your system any time.


The module enables you to control and improve the product data quality by measuring data completeness. Move forward faster and enjoy a higher level of detail.

Your own Module?

We can develop any custom module for you, please contact us. The price starts at 500 EUR.


The module enables you to manage prices in different currencies, scale prices, set prices for different customer groups and apply price smoothing.


Сonnectors are sets of modules installed and configured for seamless data synchronization with third-party systems – ERP, CMS, E-Commerce and Omnichannel systems, Marketplaces, etc. The following synchronization modes are possible – full or incremental schedule-based, or event-based, e.g. product description changes and must reflect on other systems immediately. You can also use our software as a fully-fledged middleware system to sync not only your product data, but your stocks, customer and order data too.

AtroPIM SAP Business One Connector

Bidirectional data exchange between AtroPIM and SAP Business One using API to sync product, customer and order data.

Your Connector?

We can develop a custom connector for you, please contact us. The price starts at 3000 EUR.

AtroPIM Magento Connector

Bidirectional data exchange between AtroPIM and Magento using API to sync product, customer and order data.

User benefits

AtroPIM is simple and intuitive, which makes users really happy!

  • Speed & flexibility: AtroPIM is fast and very flexible in configuration options.
  • Excellent usability: the AtroPIM User Interfaces are well thought out, convenient to use and will not overwhelm users with unnecessary information. AtroPIM has a responsive UI Design.
  • Team-oriented: work together with your colleagues as a team to get qualitative results as fast as possible.
  • Feature-rich: AtroPIM offers many features right out of the box and can meet very high demands.
  • Workplace-independent: work with AtroPIM wherever you are and whenever you want, even from your smartphone, like a real app.

Our Highlights

Low costs and short time-to-market

100% open source and customizable

Expandable with paid and free modules

Seamlessly integrates with other systems

For efficient teamwork and collaboration

Configurable data model and user interfaces

No user limit or other restrictions

Simple and intuitively understandable

100% web-based and platform-independent

User-friendly and time-saving

Feature-rich right out of the box

Modern, highly scalable and future-oriented

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