What is PIM (Product Information Management)?

22 February 2022
Automating product-related processes within a Product Information Management (PIM) could solve many problems. So what does PIM stand for?

7 Steps of NPI process

10 October 2021
The New Product Introduction (NPI) is a process of turning an idea into a launched product. The NPI process varies from organization to …

Uniform data structure through the use of PIM

20 September 2021
The PIM data structure should be developed so that the product information can be exchanged as automatically as possible.

AtroPIM, Pimcore, Akeneo – open source PIM systems in comparison

13 September 2021
I compare three open-source PIM systems AtroPIM, Pimcore and Akeneo – their costs, features, usability and support options.

What does a PIM system really cost?

7 September 2021
In this article we describe the costs involved in the implementation of a PIM system and bring to light what some popular PIM systems cost.

Does every manufacturer need a PIM?

20 August 2021
It is the manufacturer who is confronted most with the requirement for quality product information and should be the first to take care of it.

Multichannel retailing - definition, challenges and strategy

19 August 2021
Multichannel retailing is the practice of selling products and services via multiple channels, to enable customers to make a quick buying …

AtroPIM won two awards

17 May 2021
We’re excited to share that we have won two awards one in Top Trending Software category and other in the Best Value Software category.

What is the maturity stage of the product life cycle?

6 May 2021
The maturity stage of the product life cycle comes after growth, in the concept of the product life cycle...

Multichannel Marketing - definition, benefits, and strategy

9 April 2021
The majority of successful companies constantly increase the number of touchpoints and use multichannel marketing.

Top 20 Challenges for Omnichannel Approach

1 April 2021
There are many challenges in implementing your omnichannel strategy, from the approach to the technical details. Let's figure out the main …

Omnichannel Distribution - Definition, Trends and Best Practices

30 March 2021
Omnichannel distribution is the process of making a product or service available for purchase on any channel that consumers choose.