Product Data Publishing

Save lots of time on creating and updating product related publications and increase their quality.

Create any kind of professional quality single-page and multi-page publications for Print and Web – data sheets, flyers, brochures, price lists, product catalogs, offers and more. Our solutions can significantly speed up the time to create your publications and ensure these are always actual and remain error free. There are two ways to create a publication – you can create it directly in Adobe InDesign while using data from AtroPIM or you can generate a publication as a PDF document directly in AtroPIM, using configured HTML5/CSS3 templates. Enjoy complete freedom for your data publishing for any business use case!

Data Publishing for Web

Generate publications as PDF documents based on configured HTML5/CSS3 templates.

  • Configure multiple templates based on Twig Template Engine, with any logic, for any data structures.

  • Generate professionally looking single-page or multi-page documents with any complexity, with a beautiful design.

  • Generate publications on-the-fly or in the background as Digital Assets.

  • Dynamic or static document pagination can be used.

  • Create huge documents with more than 1000 pages.

  • Add Table of Contents to your documents, even with hyperlinks to appropriate pages.

  • Regenerate your publication any time your data is updated.

  • Use additional adapters to enable more complicated publication scenarios, e.g. create multiple documents based on different templates, merge them all together in one single document and add a table of content to it.

  • Excellent choice if you don't need to adjust and edit your automatically generated publication or preview it.

Data Publishing for Print

Create your publications in Adobe InDesign with the data sourced directly from AtroPIM.

  • Use Adobe InDesign and EasyCatalog plugin to create your print publications.

  • Adjust your publication layouts and easily update your data, any time.

  • Format, sort, group and query your data provided by AtroPIM from within InDesign.

  • Source your data from AtroPIM in multiple ways – as CSV file, as XML file, directly from the Database or via Enterprise Data Provider.

  • Link your data and images from AtroPIM to your InDesign documents – data change in InDesign can be synchronized back to AtroPIM.

  • EasyCatalog can automatically download all the images locally prior to importing them into the InDesign document.

Open Source Publishing

Create your publications with Scribus – totally free and open source desktop publishing solution.

  • Create your publications for Print and Web with the help of AtroPIM and Scribus – use AtroPIM to prepare and structure your data and Scribus to create layout templates to be used for your publications.

  • Step 1 – Define which data should be published – define data templates and content blocks.

  • Step 2 – Create layout templates for data publishing – link your data with templates.

  • Step 3 – Generate your Scribus document using the layout templates filled with your data.

  • Step 4 – Adjust your automatically generated Scribus document if needed.

  • Step 5 – Update your document with new or changed data.

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