Product Data Syndication

Easily and quickly distribute you product data to all important channels and marketplaces, and update them.

Empower your Omnichannel Strategy with AtroPIM! Prepare channel-specific product data, optimize it in accordance with channel rules and automate the Product Data Syndication – reach more than 2000 channels. Automatically synchronize your product data, stock information, also in real time, pick up the orders and synchronize them to your ERP systems. Connect to any channel directly, just by a simple configuration, use pre-configured integrations for the most popular channels like Amazon, Rakuten or Walmart, or, alternatively, connect via a dedicated Product Feed Management Software of your choice.

Direct Channel Connection

Seamlessly connect to all popular channels like Amazon, Rakuten or Walmart, without any limitations.

  • Distribute your product data to any channel and in any formatby configuration, no coding required.

  • Connect to a popular pre-configured channels like Amazon, Rakuten, Mercado Libre, Walmart, Galaxus, AliExpress, etc.

  • Combine product data and digital assets to deliver the best product experience via all channels.

  • Prepare and synchronize channel-optimized product information, adopted to the rules of the respective channel.

  • Deliver a detailed product content with all expected product attributes to make it easier for the customer to find your very product.

  • Unify, customize and optimize your product data, tailor your contents to the needs of the potential customers to achieve maximum performance on every channel.

Connection via Product Feed Management Software

Seamlessly integrate AtroPIM with any Product Feed Management Software to achieve even more channels more quickly.

  • Fully automatically synchronize your product data from AtroPIM to any Product Feed Management Software of your choice and from there to over 2000 channels.

  • Fine-tune and map your product content directly in the Product Feed Management Software before this data is synchronized to a desired channel.

  • Simplify complex feed management processes and deliver better product experiences over all channels, which are important for you.

  • Instantly structure your feed with built-in templates and functionalities.

  • Improve your Social Marketing and Social Commerce to reach your customers on their favorite platforms.

  • Analyze your product performance data to improve your Omnichannel Strategy.

  • Synchronize orders from all of your channels via AtroPIM with your ERP systems automatically.

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