Product Data Enrichment - Solutions and Techniques

Enriching product data typically involves **adding attributes, descriptions, images, specifications, and other relevant information to product listings.

PIM Сonsulting - Do You Really Need It?

Discover here the primary stages of PIM consulting and the purposes for which PIM consultants can be engaged.

Is Headless PIM the Future of E-commerce?

PIM is headless by default, but the way you defined headless matters. Explore the nuances of headless software architecture and distinguish the roles of headless and API-first approaches.

WMS, PIM and Online Shop In Practice

Management of product-related processes and data of an online shop should be carried out separately by WMS and PIM systems. Typical are 2 …

Using a PIM for Product Life Cycle Management

PLM systems are not intended for marketing. PIM systems are! Use them to improve your Product Life Cycle Management.

Why do manufacturers need PIM?

It is the manufacturer who is confronted most with the requirement for quality product information and should be the first to take care of it.

PIM, MDM, DAM, MAM – which system to choose?

PIM, MDM, DAM and MAM systems are important tools. But which one is right for you? All information and system comparisons can be found here!

Mastering PIM Project Management

PIM implementation projects require the cooperation of colleagues from different departments and the coordination of various project activities to speed up and complete the project on time.

Top 10 requirements for a PIM system

What are the most important PIM requirements during the system evaluation? Find out here how to select an appropriate solution for your business.

7 Reasons to Use a PIM with Shopware to Boost Sales

What Is the Best PIM for Integration with Shopware? Picmore, AtroPim, Akeneo, Perfion Compared!

What is PIM (Product Information Management)?

Automating product-related processes within a Product Information Management (PIM) could solve many problems. So what does PIM stand for?

Product Assortment Strategy: Definition, Examples, and Tips for 2024

Would you like to develop a successful product assortment strategy? - We know how! Here you will find important tips for attracting regular customers.