AtroCore News

Keep Folders Intact

Changes made in your files and folders within PIM system will be automatically updated on the server, and the folders' structure is preserved.

System Enhancements and New Features

Now you can easily generate accurate PDFs, add custom scripts to the interface, delete outdated data, and better organize product components.

Email System Upgrade

AtroPIM users can now disable email sending directly from the settings page

Manage Storage Time Your Way

Configure the retention period for records deleted via Scheduled jobs and adjust it in your UI or the config.php file

Microsoft 365 Connector for Superior File Handling with Sharepoint

Our Microsoft 365 Connector uses SharePoint for mobile and desktop file editing, synced with our PIM system.

AtroCore’s Game-Changing File Management Updates

AtroCore users now have access to multiple storage options, including Microsoft SharePoint, along with faster file uploads and the ability to upload files via URL.

Speak Up & Shape AtroCore!

Now AtroCore users can quickly share their thoughts and suggestions about our system. Click the feedback icon next to your user profile and fill the form.

Resolve Issues Faster with Centralized Logs

Our new centralized logging system collects logs from all installations which enables fast error fixing without collecting user's' personal data.

Effortless Automation with Action Sets and UI Handlers

Action Sets and enhanced UI Handlers in AtroCore allow you to automate complex workflows and accelerate task execution