Spare Parts Management

Organize an effective spare parts management and save a lot of time searching for a spare part or assemblies.

PIM as software for managing spare parts

The management, processing and provision of information about spare parts is time-consuming. Complex relationships between your products must be stored. Data must be qualitative and always up-to-date and increase your sales. These tasks can be performed by a Product Information Management (PIM). A PIM solution helps you to centralize, to optimize and to distribute all spare part-related, technical and/or sales-relevant data and properties about all your products and spare parts over all suitable channels.

What problems are there in spare parts management?

The internationally active companies often forget the after-market. Customs clearance and translations into different languages place high demands on the quality of the master data. The constantly increasing variety of products requires additional effort to ensure the supply of spare parts over many product generations. Such tasks are hardly manageable manually.

Spare parts data are exposed to the following challenges:

  • The product data can be taken from different sources, these are not always up-to-date.

  • The spare part data available is incomplete and needs to be improved.

  • Data about spare parts is scattered, the maintenance of this data in different places leads to errors and is time-consuming.

  • Searching for the right information is not always successful and takes too much time.

  • Providing spare parts data internally and externally can be really tedious.

  • Updating the information takes significantly more time than expected.

  • The complexity of the relationships between different products and spare parts is often underestimated.

  • Excel solutions allow no automation and freedom from errors.

  • Shorter response times and high delivery reliability are expected.

Why is it worth using a PIM system?

The introduction of PIM has many advantages for everyone involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of products and their spare parts.

  • Single Point of Truth - carry out every change only once, in one central place. Data is available to everyone.

  • Reduce possible errors thanks to efficient collaboration, correct structuring and approving of data.

  • Find the necessary spare part and the associated data faster.

  • Integrate your PIM with your ERP system to increase efficiency.

  • Achieve greater transparency when structuring your product data.

  • Improve coordination in your team thanks to more efficient workflows.

  • Make sure that the spare part data remains consistent in all channels.

  • PIM creates a central knowledge database for all products and spare parts in your company.

  • Minimize the administrative burden.

Features for spare parts management

Thanks to correct spare parts management, you can make your spare parts available faster and shorten the storage times through early sale. Our solution connects the locations and products, increases the data quality and enables the exchange of data between different systems and channels.

  • Save important information such as model number, manufacturer, expiry date, photos and manuals.

  • Save all additional information and data that cannot be saved or not completely saved in your ERP system.

  • Link spare parts to assets, devices, machines and products - one-way or bilateral.

  • Search for parts by name, model number, manufacturer, or any other data record field.

  • Seamlessly import or export all your existing data.

  • Use interactive dashboards to stay up to date.

  • Configure the data model for storing your spare parts data.

  • Configure the layouts for working with your spare parts data.

  • Use catalogs and categories to achieve a better structuring of your spare parts data.

  • Organize the collaboration of your employees directly in the PIM system.

  • Use portals to share the data with third parties.

  • Benefit from a fully-fledged DAM system to store all of your digital assets.

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