Why PIM?

What is PIM?

Managing, editing, and delivering product information is time-consuming. It must be informative, accurate and revenue generating in terms of quality and for all existing channels. This task is handled by a Product Information Management System (PIM). PIM helps you to centralize, optimize and publish on all appropriate channels all product-related, technical and / or marketing-relevant information about all your products.

PIM can make life easier for the following professionals:







Why do you need a PIM software?

Product information faces following challenges:

  • The product data can be taken from different sources, have different quality and depth of detail.
  • Available product information is too often incomplete and needs to be improved.
  • Maintaining the same information in different places leads to errors and is time-consuming.
  • Search for a right data source is not always successful.
  • Providing product information to various departments and consolidating it afterwards can be really tedious.
  • Deadline for catalog production and introduction of new products (NPIs).
  • Translations and corrections cost much more time than expected.
  • The complexity of product data flow is often underestimated.
  • Excel solutions hardly allow automation and accuracy.

PIM Benefits

Introduction of a PIM system brings many benefits to anyone involved in manufacturing, distributing or selling products.

  • "Single Point of Truth" - perform each change only once, in a central location and automatically update all channels.
  • Reduce potential errors thanks to centralized holding, management, improvement, validation and reconciliation of data.
  • With better data quality, you can provide your customers with a consistent shopping experience across all channels.
  • Find the necessary product and related product information faster and adapt it to current trends and market requirements.
  • Integrate your PIM system with any third-party systems, for import and export purposes.
  • Create your marketing and SEO materials faster and publish them through your distribution channels - catalogs, brochures, online stores, or e-commerce platforms.
  • Gain greater transparency and flexibility in structuring your product data to help find the information you need faster.
  • AtroPIM creates a central knowledge base about products in your company.
  • Improve the mood and coordination in your team with more efficient workflows, as less searching and more creation is much more fun.
  • Make sure that your product information including changes, corrections, and translations remain consistent in all publications.
  • Minimize your administrative costs related to product information.
  • AtroPIM allows you to separate editing and layout. Make sure all your product and brand values are organized and easily accessible to your entire team.

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