Effortless Automation with Action Sets and UI Handlers

Effortless Automation with Action Sets and UI Handlers

What's New?

Are you tired of manually handling repetitive tasks and managing complicated workflows? Good news—automation just got easier with our latest updates!

To simplify your work processes, the AtroCore team has introduced Action Sets! This powerful tool lets you automate complex workflows by grouping multiple actions and launching them in sequence.

Additionally, we've enhanced our UI Handlers with new types, including the "Set Value" handler integrated with the Workflows module. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for users who need to perform several tasks in a specific order.

Action Sets

Before Action Sets, each action needed separate steps, either through individual button clicks or workflows. Now, with Action Sets, you can streamline your tasks by:

  • Grouping multiple related actions and executing them one after another.
  • Saving time and effort by automating repetitive tasks with a single click.
  • Breaking down large tasks into manageable steps for smooth performance.

New UI Handlers

The new features of the UI Handlers let you:

  • Set a default value under certain conditions.
  • Set the default value only if the field is empty.
  • Replace the existing value with the default value (using the Overwrite checkbox).
  • Set triggers to perform specific actions.

Two types of trigger actions have been introduced:

  • On Load/Change: Triggered when the page is loaded or when changes are made to the record.
  • On Focus: Triggered when the cursor is placed in the field, allowing flexibility in defining which fields trigger the action.

How to Use Action Sets and UI Handlers

Action Sets can be easily triggered like any other action, whether through a button click or within a workflow. Simply create your set, define the order of execution, and enjoy the efficiency! Similarly, UI Handlers enhance user interaction by automating field operations and improving workflow efficiency.

Get More Done with Action Sets and UI Handlers!

Action Sets and the enhanced UI Handlers are valuable additions to AtroCore, making automation and workflow management easier and more efficient. Stay tuned for further updates and explore the new possibilities these features offer!

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