Resolve Issues Faster with Centralized Logs

Resolve Issues Faster with Centralized Logs

What's new?

We have launched a Centralized Logging System that collects logs from all installations opting in. This system allows for comprehensive bug tracking and faster issue resolution. Users can now report errors by selecting a checkbox in their settings, giving them control over their participation. Importantly, our Privacy-Focused Reporting ensures that error reports contain only essential, non-personal information: Instance ID, error type, timestamp, and error description. How it looks

The Why Behind the Changes:

These updates are driven by our commitment to improving user experience and system performance.

  • Centralizing logs and obtaining detailed error reports directly from users enables our support team to diagnose and resolve issues quicker than ever, minimizing downtime and enhancing user experience.
  • Providing an opt-in feature respects user autonomy, allowing individuals to decide whether to participate in error reporting. This ensures transparency and builds trust in our commitment to user privacy.
  • The specific information gathered from error reports enables our development team to identify patterns, prioritize fixes, and improve overall system stability and performance.
  • With access to detailed error information, our support team can offer more accurate and timely assistance, reducing the time users spend troubleshooting issues.

These updates reflect our dedication to delivering a more reliable, efficient, and user-centric service. By leveraging user feedback and maintaining a strong focus on privacy, we aim to continuously improve our products and support.

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