Manage Storage Time Your Way

Manage Storage Time Your Way

What's New?

We have added a feature allowing you to configure the retention period for records deleted via Scheduled jobs. By default, deleted records are kept in the database for 14 days. Now, you can adjust this period in your UI or the config.php file, which helps manage space more efficiently, especially in environments with frequent imports generating many logs.

Key Features:

  • Configurable Retention and the ability to set how long deleted records stay in the database.
  • Flexible Settings in the system User Interface or config.php file.
  • Optimized log management

Configuration Variables:

Set the deletion period with these variables:

  • General Logs:
    • actionHistoryDeletedMaxDays
    • authLogsDeletedMaxDays
    • jobsDeletedMaxDays
    • notificationsDeletedMaxDays
    • queueItemsDeletedMaxDays
    • scheduledJobLogsDeletedMaxDays
  • Export Jobs:
    • exportJobsDeletedMaxDays
  • Import Jobs:
    • importJobsDeletedMaxDays

For example, to set the retention for import logs, createimportJobsDeletedMaxDaysin Settings, choose a numeric value, and set the days.

This update helps maintain system performance by allowing you to clear out old logs and records, preventing database clutter, and ensuring a more efficient and reliable system.

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