Multichannel Marketing - definition, benefits, and strategy

The majority of successful companies constantly increase the number of touchpoints and use multichannel marketing.

Product Data Enrichment - Solutions and Techniques

Enriching product data typically involves **adding attributes, descriptions, images, specifications, and other relevant information to product listings.

How to take product photos - 12 professional tips

Do you have problems taking product photos for your store? Find out here how to take professional product photos using our 12 practical tips!

Database Publishing – The Essentials Overview

Database publishing (DP) is an automated publishing process in which a layout program is linked to a database.

Microsoft 365 Connector for Superior File Handling with Sharepoint

Our Microsoft 365 Connector uses SharePoint for mobile and desktop file editing, synced with our PIM system.

Resolve Issues Faster with Centralized Logs

Our new centralized logging system collects logs from all installations which enables fast error fixing without collecting user's' personal data.

Speak Up & Shape AtroCore!

Now AtroCore users can quickly share their thoughts and suggestions about our system. Click the feedback icon next to your user profile and fill the form.

PIM systems in a big comparison

Don't know which PIM to choose? Familiarize yourself here with a large PIM system comparison of TOP PIM providers.

WMS, PIM and Online Shop In Practice

Management of product-related processes and data of an online shop should be carried out separately by WMS and PIM systems. Typical are 2 …

How to become one of the best omnichannel retailers?

In this article I describe the criteria for omnichannel excellence, some examples and what needs to be done to become one of the best omnichanne…

What is the growth stage of the product life cycle?

The growth stage of the product life cycle happens once the product is developed and introduced to the market. Sometimes, growth is very quick, …

What is the maturity stage of the product life cycle?

The maturity stage of the product life cycle comes after growth, in the concept of the product life cycle...