What is Product Development Life Cycle?

Product development life cycle is a process of creating and bringing a new product to the market. Read the article to learn more.

6 Phases of the Product Life Cycle

Do you want to develop a market behavior strategy? Consider the phases of the product life cycle and the role of the PIM system!

PIM Сonsulting - Do You Really Need It?

Discover here the primary stages of PIM consulting and the purposes for which PIM consultants can be engaged.

AtroCore’s Game-Changing File Management Updates

AtroCore users now have access to multiple storage options, including Microsoft SharePoint, along with faster file uploads and the ability to upload files via URL.

What is Item Master Data?

Item master data is basic information about an item, i.e. data that characterizes a product in the long term

Product Catalogs - Definition, Types, Standards and Trends

In today's digital world, product catalogs have changed dramatically. Read more about the special features of modern online product catalogs here!

Software overview for Product Lifecycle Management

Product lifecycle management software is the software used to manage the product development process, from idea creation to selling and disposal.

21 best practices for writing excellent product descriptions

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Online Catalog, Types and Challenges - Choose what Fits You Best

Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or a retailer, digital product catalogs represent the first step towards e-commerce

Product Life Cycle – Stages and Examples

The concept of six or four stage product life cycle means that, there are distinct phases each with predictable sales and profits.

8 Steps to a Successful Product Launch

Here are the 8 essential steps to make your product launch a success. Of course, one should start with market analysis.

7 Steps of NPI process

The New Product Introduction (NPI) is a process of turning an idea into a launched product. The NPI process varies from organization to …