PIM systems in a big comparison

PIM systems in a big comparison

Easy product accessibility via online stores, marketplaces and social media creates even greater motivation for consumers when making a purchase decision. New sales channels can be opened up thanks to location independence. More and more online retailers are looking to introduce PIM systems to improve the marketing of their own products through an online store or other e-commerce channels. PIM stands for Product Information Management. In a PIM solution, all product data is stored centrally, standardized, enriched and prepared for use in all necessary channels - these are the main tasks of any PIM system. Nowadays, there are around 100 PIM providers worldwide whose software has a wide range of functions, modules and options. We have put a few PIM tools under the microscope for you to check their suitability for e-commerce.

Brief profiles of selected PIM systems

In terms of selection, there are basically two options: license-free open source solutions such as Pimcore, AtroPIM, Akeneo and proprietary PIM systems (all others). With proprietary PIM software, you are very strictly bound by the license terms, so you should examine them very carefully for the impact on implementation and support costs. A purchase or rental license may be required.

Open source software can be used freely, there are no license fees. This is the main advantage of an open source PIM system. Another advantage is that the source code is also available and can be adapted or changed by the user if required. Of course, this incurs additional costs. The third important advantage of an open source solution is its modularity - you can install existing modules or extensions instead of developing your own, which is ultimately much cheaper and therefore in the interests of all users.

Pimcore - all-in-one solution for e-commerce

pimcorePimcore is an open source all-in-one solution and is presented in a standardized edition as a solution for PIM, e-commerce, DAM, MDM and WCM. As a large platform for content, media assets and other data, Pimcore offers the possibility to manage documents, content, images, videos and other data and information as a multichannel publishing suite. Pimcore comes with an integrated online store and is often used as a CMS with additional functions for displaying a product catalog. This PIM system can be customized to meet the needs of any company, but this can be quite time-consuming and costly.

Public demohttps://pimcore.com/de/demo

AtroPIM - flexible, configurable and modular PIM system

atropimAtroPIM is a free modular open source PIM solution with responsive design. In contrast to Pimcore, you can choose which modules you want to use and which not. AtroPIM has a service-oriented architecture and offers outstanding flexibility and configurability. Thanks to an API, the software can be easily connected to various third-party systems and used together with other Atro applications such as AtroDAM or AtroCRM in one instance. Another special feature of AtroPIM is the ability to easily set up a supplier or retailer portal and integrate your own partners more quickly via this portal.

Public demo - https://demo.atropim.com/

Akeneo - PIM with simple UI and different editions

akeneoAkeneo is the third and last open source PIM software that positions itself as an enterprise open source PIM system. Thanks to its simple user interface, Akeneo is ideal for users who are not necessarily tech-savvy. There are three software editions depending on requirements and wishes: Community Edition, Enterprise Edition and Cloud Edition. In addition to Akeneo PIM, the service provider offers Akeneo Onboarder (compatible only with Akeneo EE). Akeneo Onboarder is a template-driven self-service interface for suppliers that enables them to upload and process product data themselves and later transfer it to Akeneo PIM.

Public demohttps://www.akeneo.com/de/demo/

Alterra PIM - commercial web-based PIM with many PIM functions

alterraSimilar to Pimcore or AtroPIM, Alterra PIM also relies on a web server-based software architecture. As classic PIM software, Alterra PIM comes with a wide range of PIM functions and can also be used well for e-commerce. Alterra PIM is a commercially available on-premise solution. In addition to Alterra PIM, the provider also offers many other solutions such as DAM, Web2Print, CMS, web catalog/online store, product configurator, which can be helpful in setting up or expanding an e-commerce solution together with Alterra PIM. Alterra PIM offers a connector to Magento for integration with external store systems. Otherwise, integration with external systems is made possible by configurable data exports.

Public demo - not available.

MeDaPro - modular PIM software with a few extras

itb-pimMeDaPro (itb PIM) is a core product of ITB-GmbH. Like Alterra PIM, itb PIM was developed as a classic PIM software. MeDaPro specializes primarily in the classification of product information based on ETIM or BMEcat standards as well as the creation of print catalogs. The MeDaPro software is omnichannel-capable and has the option of generating channel-specific data exports in the form of a live stream. itb also offers its own solution for setting up an online store (TradePro), a Web2Print solution (MeDaPro Publish), a flip catalog and an interactive product catalog on a CD. MeDaPro integrates suppliers' data by using MeDaPro installations at each partner. Individual configuration ensures that each partner can only maintain the data for which they are responsible. These are then combined in a main instance of MeDaPro at the user's site. The MeDaPro solution can be connected to numerous ERP systems.

Public demo - not available.

InRiver PIM - SaaS-based PIM solution for e-commerce

inriver-pimInRiver is another provider of commercial PIM solutions based on SaaS. InRiver has a clear focus on omnichannel and e-commerce and offers all typical PIM functions such as data integration, data enrichment and data publishing, according to the planned releases. With inRiver Supplier Onboarding, suppliers can provide detailed product information faster and with higher quality. With the InRiver Product Marketing Cloud, marketing and e-commerce professionals can plan and create better product stories in an omnichannel world. InRiver also offers some other interesting add-ons, e.g. for the creation of print catalogs.

Public demo - not available.

Perfion - PIM and DAM in one solution

perfion-pimPerfion PIM is a standard product information management solution for manufacturers with a large number of SKUs, product variants and spare parts that can be used for different channels and languages.

The system can be used on a Windows PC or via a web-based user interface from any type of device (including smartphone or tablet). Perfion can be easily integrated with various ERP solutions such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, as well as with Sana Commerce, Dynamicweb and OXID eSales. An open API from Perfion can also be used for integration with third-party systems. It is also possible to integrate all Microsoft Office products, such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Perfion PIM has an integrated DAM.

Public demo - not available.

Salsify - SaaS PIM platform

salsifyOne of the most popular cloud-based PIM solutions in the US is Salsify. It easily integrates with all major ERP, DAM and e-commerce platforms. Data can be imported and created from any source, and the software then evaluates whether the content meets the requirements of the sales channel. Unlike a traditional PIM provider, Salsify has a flexible approach to data modeling. Of course, it also maintains all the security benefits of a cloud platform, including SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.

Public demohttps://www.salsify.com/pages/product-demo-request-brand (kostenloses Trial)

Censhare - PIM tool as a digital experience platform

censhareCenshare is more than a PIM system, it pulls all marketing and communication content into a unified system with a friendly user interface. The solution combines collaboration, DAM, PIM, omnichannel CMS and MRM capabilities and allows you to create digital experiences based on real-time information.

The solution has various interfaces and APIs that serve to extend the functions and communicate with other tools. Thanks to the partnership with the leading multichannel publishing platform WERK II, data-driven product publications can be created. Thanks to Censhare, you can access all content quickly, as all data is managed via an object-oriented database. Data export to all communication channels can be performed manually, partially or fully automated.

Public demo - not available.

Plytix - the affordable PIM system from the cloud

plytixPlytix is an all-in-one PIM and DAM solution that offers multi-channel and catalog creation tools as well as e-commerce and product analytics software. Plytix's features are simple and comprehensive while offering the fairest pricing model on the market.

It enables sales teams, marketers and customer service representatives to easily create and manage product catalogs. Benefits include simplified data import, XML export hub, digital asset management and digital product catalogs. The system also has bulk upload functionality for CSV and image files. In addition, this PIM solution has an intelligent import function with which data can also be easily imported and assigned from spreadsheets.

Public demo - not available.

E-Commerce PIM software in comparison

The demand for PIM solutions for e-commerce has increased significantly in the last two to three years. The main challenge is, of course, omnichannel capability, because the more channels a product is offered through, the higher sales can be achieved. Data completeness and data quality in relation to each channel used play a major role here.

One of the most important channels is often a dedicated online store or even several. PIM solutions that have the appropriate functions for implementing new marketing strategies on board as well as connectors for data exchange with common store systems can therefore be identified as particularly e-commerce-capable.

The most important criteria for selecting the right e-commerce PIM software are therefore -

  • Simplicity of preparation and standardization of qualitative product information,
  • integration with online store solutions and marketplaces, and
  • Possibility to prepare channel-specific product information and distribute it to wholesalers and retailers.

We examined all the PIM solutions mentioned above with regard to their fulfillment of these selection criteria:

Integration with third-party systems and marketplaces

In addition to our comparison table above, we would like to list the available e-commerce connectors for all the systems mentioned.


Pimcore offers integration with selected store systems. Integration with marketplaces is still being developed in-house.

Marketplaces still under development
Magento 2 Connector https://pimcore.com/en/resources/marketplace/divante-ltd/pimcore-magento2-bridge_e7746
Shopware Connector https://store.shopware.com/mope738539685097/pimcore-schnittstelle-pim-produktdaten.html
Shopify Connector https://store.webkul.com/shopify-pimcore-connector.html


AtroPIM only offers integration with the most popular store systems. Integration with marketplaces is implemented via the partner company Channable.com.

Marketplaces are implemented via Channable.com
Amazon PIM Integration https://store.atrocore.com/en/amazon-pim-integration/10046
Shopware 6 Integration https://store.atrocore.com/en/shopware-pim-integration/100301
Magento 2 Integration https://store.atrocore.com/en/magento-pim-integration/100151

Other connectors on offer can be found unter diesem Link.


Akeneo has the largest range of connectors on offer for numerous online stores. However, the solutions for integration with marketplaces are missing.


Magento 2 Connector https://marketplace.akeneo.com/extension/akeneo-connector-magento-2-enterprise-edition (there is also a connector for Akeneo CE)
OXID eShop Connector https://marketplace.akeneo.com/extension/oxid-esales-connector-akeneo-eikona
Shopware Connector https://marketplace.akeneo.com/extension/akeneo-shopware-connector
CS Cart Connector https://marketplace.akeneo.com/extension/cs-cart-akeneo-connector
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector https://marketplace.akeneo.com/extension/akeneo-connector-salesforce-commerce-cloud
BigCommerce Connector https://marketplace.akeneo.com/extension/bigcommerce-akeneo-connector
PrestaShop Connector https://marketplace.akeneo.com/extension/prestashop-akeneo-connector
Shopify Connector https://marketplace.akeneo.com/extension/shopify-akeneo-connector

Alterra PIM

Alterra PIM's website only mentions integration with Magento Shopware, without mentioning the edition and version of supported Magento software. Alterra PIM relies on its own store software – Alterra Webshop.

Magento Connector https://www.sepia.de/magento_pim.html

itb PIM

Itb PIM also relies on its own online store software and does not develop connectors to other store systems. Integration with marketplaces is not offered.

InRiver PIM

Just like AtroPIM, inRiver PIM also relies on its partner Channable.com to help users assert themselves on digital marketplaces. There are hardly any connectors offered for common online stores.


Magento Connector https://www.inriver.com/partner/marketplace/digia-magento-inriver-integration/
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Adapter https://www.inriver.com/partner/marketplace/inriver-adapter-salesforce-commerce-cloud/

Perfion PIM

Perfion offers seamless Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV integration. Several connectors are also available for PIM & e-commerce integration.


Magento Connector https://www.perfion.de/was-ist-pim/magento-commerce-und-pim/
OXID eShop Connector https://www.perfion.de/was-ist-pim/oxid-esales-und-pim/
Shopify Connector https://www.perfion.de/was-ist-pim/shopify-und-pim/


A third-party connector called Trellis offers a smooth integration of Salsify into Magento. All other connectors are currently not available.


Magento 2 https://trellis.co/solutions/salsify-magento-2-integration/


Censhare does not offer any connectors to marketplaces or common store systems.


In the past, PIM software dealt with the traditional print sector - with the creation of print catalogs, brochures and product data sheets. Nowadays, digital product information and efficient product communication are the top priorities for retailers. Today's modern PIM solutions can be integrated into various sales channels and ensure an effective omnichannel strategy, regardless of whether the supplier has its own online store or not.

Choosing a PIM solution is a tricky task. It requires not only time, but also careful consideration to take all factors into account. Finding the best solution for e-commerce makes it even harder, as you have to consider the possible implementation of an omnichannel strategy. In this article, we have compared ten PIM providers that we believe are the best fit for implementing an omnichannel strategy and for e-commerce in general. There is no clear winner, depending on requirements and wishes, everyone can choose the winner for themselves.


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